Covid 19 Update

Dear Pet Parents,

During this time of a global unusual situation, we wanted to reach out to all of you personally to let you know all the proper steps we are taking to ensure everyone safety. Our priority is to protect our customer's health and our staff.

Even though the situation is still evolving regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our facilities and factories are fully operational and all orders are being processed as usual.

Here is a list of the detailed information regarding our operations: 

• There is no current interruption in our supply of raw materials
• Our materials have always been domestically sourced and properly handled.
• Our canvas providers have a 90-day supply of all of our materials that is regularly replenished.

All of our teams in all facilities have been properly informed about the situation and here are the protocols taken:

•  Training the staff on proper prevention methods.
• Ample access to sanitation products.
• On-site health inspections.
• The utilization of distance between employees.
• Where possible, employees are now working from home. 

We'll get through this together! :)

Stay safe.

- The Pawlord Team

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