Your pet is beautiful! - Make sure you capture them at their best
with this simple photo guide

Use Natural Light

If possible, always use natural light when taking a picture of your pet. If this is not possible, try taking the picture in a room that is well lit near a large window. Avoid using flash, as a flash burst can not only cause red-eye and wash out light coloured fur, but also be unnerving for some animals

    Get On Their Level

    It is important to get down on their level; show us how they view the world! Getting down on all fours, sitting or laying down at the same level as your pet is a great way to capture some dramatic, yet natural shots. It is always important that your pet feels at ease and comfortable, so instead of forcing them to come to you - go to them.

      It's All In The Eyes

      It always works best when your pet is not looking directly at the camera and looks slightly off-centre. This gives the photo a more natural, less forced feel. Make sure the focus is on the eyes and that the photo is taken at eye level.

        Get In Close

        Your pets come in all different shapes and sizes and sometimes they can get lost in large photos. Try and get in as close as possible to your pet so you can capture every unique aspect of them. If this is not possible, then try and utilize the zoom function on your camera, but be careful as this can compromise quality. Make sure that everything is captured in the shot, be careful not to cut off any ears or whiskers in the photo!

          Don't Blur The Fur!

          Please ensure that you are taking high-quality photos that are not blurred or out of focus. The higher the quality of the photo submitted, the higher the quality of the final finished product. If a blurry image is submitted we may ask you to resubmit another photo. It should also be noted that you should not upload pictures that have filters applied, this distorts the true to life colours of your pet's fur and features.

            Capture Their Character

            You know your pet better than anyone, a successful picture is one that conveys the character of your pet. To capture your pet’s character, ask yourself what's unique about them and try to capture the uniqueness on camera.

              Please Note!

              All of our sample portraits shown here at Paw Lord have used high-quality pictures that adhered closely to the guidelines above. Please use these sample portraits as an extra guideline for the picture that you submit to us. Make sure that the angles work well with the specific portrait that you have chosen, as we will use the same photo that is uploaded to us to create your final piece of art. 

              We do try to adhere to any additional notes added to your orders but cannot guarantee that they will be actioned. We are always happy to do minor edits such as removing drool or red-eye but we do not have the time for large scale photo edits that  should have been taken into consideration before the photo was submitted.

              We will always do our best to ensure that the final product is of the utmost quality, but it's your responsibility to make sure that the photo you submit meets the guidelines explained above. If we receive a photo that does not meet our standards we may request that you take another, which can be time-consuming and affect the overall turn around time of your piece of art. As we are very busy we do not always have time to request alternative photos, so please take the time to submit a great looking photo of your pet.

              Please ensure that you are 100% happy with the photo you submitted and take the time to read the guidelines and take a photo that properly represents your pet.